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FAQ Seaweed Baths

Is the Seaweed fresh?
Yes, The Seaweed used is freshly harvested by ourselves right here in Lettermullen. We use traditional sustainable cutting practices and only harvest what we need.
How do you clean the Seaweed?
After it is harvested, the seaweed is thoroughly washed in fresh water. It is then washed again before it goes into your bath and then submerged in scalding hot water.
What do you do with the used Seaweed?

The Seaweed used in your bath is yours to take away with you. You could have another Seaweed bath at home with it and then use it as a fertiliser out in the garden.

Any Seaweed that is not taken is donated to local farmers and gardeners to be used as fertiliser.

Do the baths have seawater in then?
Yes, our baths are made with local seaweed and local seawater.
Can we have a couples Seaweed Bath?

Yes, here at the Seaweed Centre we have a double (two baths in the same room) and single bath rooms.

What do I bring?

There is no need for you to bring anything with you for your Seaweed Bath. We recommend you don’t wear anything in the bath, but if you would prefer you can wear swimwear.

Towels, robes and Spa slippers are all provided.

There is a hairdryer available for you to use after your bath, so you may wish to bring a hairbrush with you.

As the rooms are warm, we suggest loose clothes to put on after.

What happens when I arrive for my bath?

After you are greeted, you will be asked to confirm you have no medical conditions that would prevent you from taking a seaweed bath. You will then be shown to the seaweed bath suite.

Can I use the Seaweed Baths if I am pregnant?

Yes, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a seaweed bath during pregnancy. We do not recommend the use of the steam room during pregnancy and suggest you have your bath at a cooler temperature.

Where is the list of medical conditions that would prevent me from taking a bath?
Click on Facility protocols on the website to see a full list. If in any doubt, contact your G.P.
What happens after my bath?
After your bath, you simply dry off and get dressed. We do not recommend showering, and suggest leaving the lovely oils on your skin until the following day if possible.
Will I smell of Seaweed?
No, the seaweed does not leave any smell on your skin. You will just have beautifully moisturised skin.
Are the baths hot?

Yes, your bath will be prepared with hot water. You will be able to adjust the temperate of your bath yourself to suit your preference.

Are refreshments provided?

Yes, There is water in the bathrooms for you to drink during your bath.

After your bath you will be served a fresh fruit salad and carrageen mousse.

What if I need to cancel my booking?

Please give us at least 48 hours’ notice to cancel a booking for a full refund. If less than 48 hours a 50% cancellation fee is charged. No shows are not refundable.

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