Facility Protocols

Important Health Guidelines – for the safe enjoyment of your Bathing experience before entering the bathing area please review the following and advise us if you have any questions or concerns. If any of the following medical conditions are relevant to you, please DO NOT STEAM. We also recommend that should these medical conditions apply and you do decide to proceed with a seaweed bath, you should have your bath at a cooler temperature

  1. High or Low Blood Pressure

  2. Heart-related conditions

  3. Using Anticoagulants, Antihistamines, Narcotics, Tranquilizers

  4. In the second or third trimester of Pregnancy

We DO NOT RECOMMEND you have a Seaweed Bath and/or Steam if any of the following apply



  1. Are less than 6 weeks post-surgery (OR medical stitches have not yet been removed)

  2. Have a Seaweed or Iodine allergy

  3. Have Diabetes

  4. Have an Overactive Thyroid Gland

  5. In the first trimester of Pregnancy

  6. Have a Neurological Disorder

  7. Have been advised by a medical professional to avoid hot water and/or steam

We accept :

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